Integrity. Honesty. Respect.

These aren’t buzzwords. They define who we are and what we do.

A Culture Committed to Flexibility and Betterment

We believe that by taking care of our employees, our employees will take care of us.  That’s why we provide training seminars, certification programs, and a host of other benefits to our team—we’re committed to giving our people the tools, instruction, and environment to help them succeed.

This has been our defining characteristic since the day we opened our doors—and even well before then.  Eight years before he founded the company, Lighthouse President and CEO Jeff Van Fleet used his past experiences to define the blueprint of our workplace culture—words that ring just as true today as they did on the day they were written.

A Leadership Team that Keeps Us True North

  • After spending over 20 years managing, developing, and deploying complex software/hardware systems for both commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) applications, Jeff founded Lighthouse in 2000 with the aim of establishing a company whose customer service was only eclipsed by the quality of its work.  Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of motivational leadership tactics and a wealth of expertise in software quality assurance (QA) processes and technical leadership, he’s a both a hands-on company leader and the primary architect of Lighthouse’s celebrated workplace culture.

  • Boasting extensive expertise in designing, developing, testing, installing, and supporting international Oracle deployments, Dave’s a natural leader for Lighthouse’s Oracle Consulting practice.  With over 25 years of software industry experience, he also serves as Lighthouse’s VP of Operations—ensuring that our expert staff backs up the lofty talk of our Sales and Marketing team.

  • From the boardrooms of the Fortune 500 to the basements of small startups, Don boasts decades of experience providing accounting and financial support services to businesses of all sizes—making him the ideal choice for Lighthouse’s VP of Finance.  In addition to keeping the company’s books, he’s also a passionate advocate for the Dayton community—serving on the board for Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School and coaching nearby baseball and softball teams!

A Commitment to Bettering Our Community

Beyond serving our clients and staff, we also feel a duty to share our good fortune by supporting charities that directly benefit our community.  Every year, we raise money for the United Way and a featured local charity that is committed to bettering lives in the region.

We feel it’s important to get our team involved in giving back as much as possible.  In addition to encouraging our employees to volunteer at local charities, we also raise money in a number of different ways around the office.  From $2 “casual days”, to sports pools, workplace competitions, and donations made in honor of our clients, we strive to make sure that everyone who has a hand in our success also has a hand in bettering our community.

Our Charities

United Way

Founded in 1887, the United Way is comprised of a network of over 1800 community-based chapters in 41 different communities and territories—all committed to “advancing the common good and mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world.”  


Established in 1975, Daybreak operates the area’s only 24-hour crisis hotline and emergency youth shelter for runaways and homeless youth.  They also provide outreach, prevention, transitional housing, life-skills education, and other follow-up services for runaway, throwaway, and homeless youth.

Past Charities

Oracle PMIAFCEAASQIEEESoftware Engineering InstituteInternational Software Testing Qualifications Board