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There’s a lot riding on the quality of your software systems.  Whether you’re working on a mobile app, an ERP system, or a business app, it only takes one bad release to cripple productivity across your entire company or cause irreparable damage to your brand.  As businesses and users alike grow more dependent on the digital experience, you’re not just under pressure to deliver solutions that promote efficiency and satisfy customer demands—you’re also protecting the very image and day-to-day operations of your company itself.

Quite simply, you can’t afford to leave something as essential as quality up to chance.  Without the right people, processes, and tools, you’re defenseless against the 3 Perils of Software DevelopmentTM


Costing 5x more to fix over each stage they lie undetected, defects infuriate users, cripple productivity, and generate costly rework


Implementation delays run up costs, erode your department’s credibility, and hold up valuable releases from seeing the light of day


Mounting defects and delays run up costs, leading to busted budgets, reductions in scale, and project cancellations

That’s where we come in.  Armed with expertise in all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC), our expert Quality Assurance personnel will implement a culture of quality across the entire breadth of your IT organization.  With Lighthouse, your projects will stay on course because your people will have the discipline, processes, and tools to keep them headed true north. 

A culture of quality doesn’t just help keep your projects on track, either.  It creates tremendous value all on its own.  We’ve helped our clients save as much as $10 million on a single project.   Regardless of the scope of your need, we’re confident our expert personnel can help.

What We Do

Full-Lifecycle Quality Assurance

Are you looking to take your software quality to the next level?  This is how you do it.

IT organizations can be unwieldy beasts.  With a decentralized structure, it can be hard to codify even the most basic of processes—making a quality-focused culture incredibly difficult to implement.

At Lighthouse, we take the time to assess the whole of your organization before generating a customized Roadmap-to-Resolution plan for your company.  Once we understand your strengths and weaknesses, our expert consultants ensure your new culture extends well into the future by utilizing industry best-practices to implement a series of training programs, processes, gate-checks, and more.

Vendor Quality Management

Do you want to ensure your vendors don’t slack off on quality?  You’ve found your answer.

If you contract out your software development, you may think that you have no recourse if your vendor delivers a low-quality solution.  Not true!  Our expert QA consultants will baseline your vendor’s current and past performances, identify potential risk factors, and generate a custom Roadmap-to-Resolution plan for process improvement.  We’ll even help you improve your contract—and hold suppliers accountable—by adding measurable quality criteria and penalties for delivering too many defects in their code.

True North Testing Assessments

Find out how good your IT organization really is with an unbiased, metrics-based analysis.

We’ll be the first to tell you: software quality is not an easy thing to measure.  Unfortunately, that means that a lot of IT organizations don’t know what their quality really is.  In the absence of data, they tend to overestimate their results—oftentimes leaving them blind to the effects of 3 Perils of Software DevelopmentTM: Defects, Delays, and Dollars.

Whether you’re part of that aforementioned group (it’s okay—you’re not alone) or simply want to know if full-lifecycle QA is really worth investing in, you’ll know exactly where your IT organization stands after a comprehensive, metrics-based analysis from our QA team.

IT Staffing/Staff Augmentation

Are you having a hard time finding the right personnel?  Save time and reduce risk with our staffing solutions!

Recruiting the right quality assurance staff can be incredibly difficult—especially considering how specific their expertise tends to be.  Larger firms may give you lots of resumes, but they rarely provide candidates that are truly worth hiring.  Thanks to our advanced assessment methods and deep expertise, our ace recruiting staff can lend you a helping hand without the red tape.  With us, you don’t have to worry about finding someone that’s good enough—we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

How We Do It


Code Analysis Algorithms

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what parts of your code had the highest risk of defects, so you concentrate your effort on those areas?   Thanks to our proprietary algorithms, we can do exactly that—ensuring thorough defect removal in the most efficient manner possible.

Transparent Communications

You are included in every step of the testing process. You get access to our user-friendly dashboard—giving you up-to-date testing progress reports so there are no surprises—and are always current.

Metrics-Driven Methodology

Our methodology isn’t based on arbitrary “expertise”; it’s based on the proven processes and historical data that have helped safeguard countless other projects since we were founded over 15 years ago.

Defect Prediction Drivers

We don’t just look for defects; we know how many we’re going to find.  Based on a host of factors, we estimate the total number of defects we expect to find within your code—ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Roadmap-to-Resolution Plans

We take the time to understand exactly where your pain is, and tailor our services to specifically solve its root cause.  The resulting “roadmap” is your customized solution, and our expert personnel will be with you every step of the way towards its resolution.

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